Safe and comfortable
on the road!

Duvo+ wants to strengthen the bond between owner
and dog on a daily basis. The best way to do this is
surely to spend time together!

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What's in a name?

Under 'Buddies on the Gooo', Duvo+ offers a wide range of practical accessories which make every trip out as comfortable and safe as possible.
Safety first
Quality material
User friendly

Thanks to the Easy Step ramp, I can accompany my owners
to all the fun trips they’re doing, even in my old age.
Isn’t that great?

Jasper | Berner Sennen (8y)

The car backseat cover has a water repellent
anti-slip layer, which makes sure that I’m always
transported in a clean and safe way.

Oona | Labrador (6y)

Safety harness for dogs

Available in 4 sizes!

This safety harness ensures that your dog can be transported safe and sound. In that way the dog won’t try to jump out of the window or injure itself if you have an accident. The harness, which is made from top-quality nylon, is snug-fitting; it is quick and easy to put on or remove.

The harness can, for that matter, be used as a walking harness with a short training lead, just the thing for stretching his legs on a long car journey.

Fasten your seatbelts!

Adults are obliged to wear a seatbelt, even in the back seat. Children are locked in a car seat or wear a seatbelt. We recommend that you always fasten
your dog for his and your safety.

A seatbelt for dogs is a safe solution to transport your dog. You can determine the amount of space your dog need for the perfect ride, safe and comfortable.

But there’s more...

Safety blanket, easy step & separation fence!

All these products have a direct added value to people who love to go out with their dog. Very simple, but effective, products that make trips safer and more comfortable.

Both safety blankets, for trunk and back seat, are easy to install and to use. They are water resistant and they have an anti-slip layer.

The separation fences are adjustable for different trunks and are also very easy to install. Last but not least, the Easy Step ramp is an ideal aid to assist your dog when getting in and out. Extremely suitable for older dogs and overweight dogs or dogs with joint problems.

Pet trailer!

I can also go by bike!

Connect this Pet Trailer to your bike and take your pet on all of your summer adventures. The Pet Trailer is strong, for dogs up to 50 kilos and it's wind & weather proof. It comes with reflectors, flag and a connector for a second bike!

Pet buggy!

But also by foot I’m not staying behind!

We have a fun solution for the little ones. The Pet Buggy can carry small dogs up to 15 kilos. The Pet Buggy is made from solid metal and is finished with a black coating. The fabric lining is in red & black and also wind & weather proof. Now also available a 4 wheeler Pet Buggy in blue!

Nothing more fun than a nice walk
together with your best friend!
With the Buddies on the Gooo Nylon Leashes and collars
Duvo + offers a wide range of nylon leashes, collars and harnesses in various sizes and trendy colours. They are very practical and of excellent quality. The collars can be adapted to the size of your dog. Safe and comfortable on the road with Duvo+!


3 types: Standard, Adjustable and Short Leads with "Soft handle"


2 types: Standard and choke collars with "Safety stop"


1 type: Adjustable step-in harness


1 type of coupling to control 2 dogs with one lead